lately all I wear is sweatshirt because they are loose and prevent people from seeing my stomach and I have such struggles picking out clothes because everything I look fat in and feel bad about myself. It's alwys back to be sweatshirt. I can only hope tat when it starts being warmer more often and like shirts weather I will be a lot skinnier

I’m sure you look fantastic no matter what clothes you are wearing. I do the same thing though.. BUT, try wearing black shirts or pants.. Black can be sliming if you’re really worried about how you look. Stay safe and be healthy. I love you!


Youre too fat itt: We Heart It.
I only took one

please don’t take anymore.. they shouldn’t be taken unless you’re using them for their required use. take a walk next time, walking helps move digestion along. be safe! <3 

I took the laxative I'm scared

how many did you take? 

Honestly throwing up makes me happier and feel better about myself

I’m sorry you feel that way

My IB and AP tests start in 2 weeks… I’M FREAKING OUT!!!!